Born in small town Camden, New Jersey, Sheron Barber is a self-taught fashion designer, businessperson, and creator of things. 

Sheron’s muse is Louis Vuitton, the French fashion designer and businessman. So, it’s no coincidence Sheron has made a name for himself by conceptualizing new silhouettes, out of Louis Vuitton material. Sheron’s reworked and original products are one of the most sought-after leather goods by hip-hop stars and athletes including the likes of Rhianna, Bad Bunny, Post Malone, and Naomi Osaka, to name a few. 

Sheron Barber fashion house seamlessly combines influences of luxe streetwear, haute-couture, and utilitarianism. 

Ultimately, Sheron seeks to use his designs to impact and evolve the luxury marketplace. The fashion house will mirror the designer’s hopes to one day live a division-less world where nationalism, classism, racism and sexism cease to exist. The fashion label will embody this spirit by producing genderless garments and luxury leather goods. Barber believes with the right trajectory, fashion can be a true change agent in the world.

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